If I create a custom tool bar on one P.C. and want to use it on another P.C. What files do I have to copy on to the second P.C. ?

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George Doukas
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It depends on how you created it and what menu file it was created in.

By default it ends up in the MNS file. The problem is that if the other system has other such customising in its MNS file, copying this one over will see its customising lost.

The other way is to copy just the relevant toolbar information from the MNS file and then edit and insert the changes in it. You will also have to copy any buttons you have created. These will be BMP files and the name will be that in the toolbar definition.

It is not that easy for someone who is not into editing the menu files etc. Unfortunately it never has been a simple task. You might want to take this opportunity to learn about menu customising and go down the path of making the changes directly in a custom MNU file. This way you have full control of the process and it is easier to transfer settings.

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Ian A. White

The customization is saved in the "acad.mns" file (or "aclt.mns" in LT).

If you did the customization inside AutoCAD, in the default menus, then all customization made on the second PC will be deleted ...

You might consider making your own menu file.


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