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We have just installed AutoCAD LT2006 on our computers and have
migrated the settings from 2002/2005LT. I have managed to get all the
existing menu and toolbar customization working fine but have the
following question:
How do I create a company wide menu system similar tp the .mns file;
where I can change the file and all users menus are updated
On the autodesk site there is somthing about creating an enterprise CUI
file but nothing about how to acheive this. I want the system to work
such that staff cannot edit the company menu and whenever I add to the
menu, the staff get the changes without me changing setting on each
Many Thanks,
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Lee Meadowcroft
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I want this too....
I am wondering if I can just put the menu files on the server, and have all of the desktops point to the server for menu access?
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What I did for 2002LT was to put the Support Files (Fonts, MNx's, Linetypes, Hatch paterns, etc.) on our Server and simply point to them in the Path under OPTIONS. Can't say if this works for 2006. Just try it on two PC's and see for yourself.
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Mr. B
I have done this for already for templates, plotstyles etc. but need to get the menus and toolbars to run off a server/single file aswell.
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Lee Meadowcroft
We have customarily placed the mns files on the server and mapped everyone's AutoCAD to these support files. All the associated lisp, bitmap, dcl, etc. files could be found in the same computer. We would autoload the menus and the lisp files using the acad.lsp and the acaddoc.lsp files. For this to work correctly the location of the acad.lsp and acaddoc.lsp would need to be at the top of the AutoCAD search path. Now we have upgraded to 2006 and things don't work as smoothly as they once did. AutoCAD 2006 creates cui files from your customized menus. I'm not sure how this works but sometimes now when you unload one menu, they all disappear. Also, if one person drags his toolbars to a new location or turns toolbars off, it affects everyone's computer. AutoCAD now doesn't seem to remember your toolbar placement either. I'll move toolbars about to suit myself and then when I restart AutoCAD they're all back were they where. I've tried deleting all of the mnr, mnc & cui files and let AuroCAD rebuild luck. I've tried saving the profile once I've placed my toolbars and this doesn't help. The only workaround is to save a workspace and then reload it after each startup, a pain in the a__ to say the least. If anyone knows how to make this work well PLEASE let me know.
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Chuck Fluri
OK, I've worked it out, with a little help from an Autodesk video. Anyone interested in creating company customization should look at the following .wmv file that talks you through how to set up and use enterprise .cui files.
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