Has anyone been able to use this very powerful add-on tool boxes for
2000 in2004/2005? I can't get it to work in the newer versions, can
anyone help?
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I dont know this tool but i can give you some hints: 1.) if the tool is an arx programm (filename.arx) there is no chance. The arx must be newly compiled for 2004/2005; an old will not be loaded. 2.) if it is a menu, you also must recompile it for 2004/2005, but this can be done by yourself if you have the mnu oder mns file: use the AutoCAD command "menu" and chose in the file dialog the *.mns or *.mnu file for loading. (Please copy the older mnr and mnc file to a save place befor trying this; if there are any problems with toolbar icons etc.)
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