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My toolbars don't seem to remember where I've docked them last. They always
return to some point were they were docked before. Do I need to type a
location into the mns file or something. I have 4 menus loaded and I think
they're at odds with one another in regards to toolbar locations.
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Trow away the .mns and .mnc files. Than reload your menu (mnu) That should fix it.
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JP well as wiping out all interface customization that has been done to them!
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Michael Bulatovich
No. Ususally there is an mnu file, if loaded that will create an mns, mnc and mnr file. If you do any moving of toolbars or turning them on/off, it will be noted in the mns file.
You want to be sure that your modifications are being preserved? Copy the mns file to an mnu file. Delete the mns, mnc and mnr file (ofcourse autocad is closed). Now fire up autocad, load the mnu file and everything should be as you want it to be.
If you want to be sure, move the files (mns,mnc,mnr) to a temp folder, when all is ok, delete the stuff.
Hope it's understandable now.
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alternative solution
formatting link
they offer a program called QuikPik...among the neat things it the ability to dock your toolbars and command line.
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Chuck schrieb am Fri, 6 Feb 2004 00:28:05 -0500:
You probably start ACAD with comand line options. Like: acad.exe /p "c:\myconfig.arg"
If that ist true arrange your Config and save it to "c:\myconfig.arg" at config -> profile -> export
yours, Flo
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Florian Klaus

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