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Hi All......
I have an AutoCAD2k system at work that is all set up with custom
pushputtons and menus and macros, etc etc that other people have set up for
me and I need to know the exact steps to "SAVE" all those custom things,
hopefully in some sort of external file that I can have to reinstall
whenever our network/computers crash, which happens often. Right now I have
to beg borrow and steal other peoples time to come and do this for me, and
in some cases I don't even remember what I had until it comes time to use
it, then I remember the steps and if it ain't there, of course nothing
works.......please, some specific step-by-step instructions......
Vaya con Dios,
Chuck, CABGx3
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This is what I would do. First I would go into Options > Files > Support File Search Path. Hit the plus [+] sign and make a note of all the directories in the search path. Pay careful attention to the one at the top of the list. Next I would close this dialogue box and at the command line type in menuload. Make a note of all the loaded menus. Do a windows search for all the loaded menu files (usually with an "mns" extension) and ensure that they are in directories in you search path. If they are not, for some reason, locate them and back theses up in folders of the same name as they were originally in. Back up all of the directories in your support file search path. Back in autocad Options > Profiles select the "Export" button. Create an "arg" file in a place you'll remember. Call it anything you like...say Chuck.arg . Back up this file. When you've re-install autocad, replace all of the folders exactly as they were, in their original locations (drive, directory, subdirectory, etc.) overwriting files as necessary. If AutoCad was installed in a folder called acad2000 and it now in a folder called AutoCad 2002 or if they otherwise do not match, it will be necessary to rename the new AutoCAD installation folder to match the old. Open AutoCAD, go to Options > Profiles and select the "import" button. Browse to your "Chuck.arg" file and open it. Everything should reload automatically.
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Thanks muchly Chuck......
That looks like a lot to digest, but I got to do it.....I printed it out and will take it to work Monday and give it a shot......
Interesting thing here also, relative to your "SPAM" post........I see your response to my post here, but don't see my original post (except repeated at the bottom of your response).......oh well.....
Thanks again for your help....
Vaya con Dios, Chuck, CABGx3
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