Auto-insert of Diesel string

Hi All.......I tried this post in another group and got no
response.....maybe somebody here can help, please.........
I have need to insert a string of Diesel code by just pushing a button on a
toolbar. Iknow how to set up the button, and how to code in the macro, but
as soon as the macro seemy my "Dollar sign" leading off my Diesel string, it
just shuts down. I've tried various characters infront of the Dollarsign
but to no avail......if I leave the Dollarsign out, it reads the string code presently starts off something like this:
Any help to get it to "read" the Dollarsign would be appreciated, or another
way to get the Diesel string into the drawing "automatically".
Vaya con Dios,
Chuck, CABGx3
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For diesel the syntax would be $(getvar,dwgname)
CLR wrote:
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Martin Shoemaker
Oh ... forget it. RText won't work that way. Sorry.
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Paul Turvill

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