Re: What the hell is all this spam doing in this group?????

This is a public, non-moderated newsgroup. One of the things you get with
the privilege of using it is having to put up with spammers, trolls and
other lowlife types. The only reason they have for hanging out here is
because they get what they want: a few suckers will always take the bait.
Ignore them.
> dont we have a moderator etc?
> Can anyone get the header info and pass
> it on to their isp?
> If I knew how to do it I would.
> jeff
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Paul Turvill
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No moderator here.
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Unfortunately it's not just this newgroup -- it affects about 1/2 of my 30 subscribed newsgroups. Filters help but contacting/complaining to the ISP is the only real way to handle these bozos.
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I havent seen a moderated group in along time. As it happens I did email all the headers to postmaster of domain of sender, no reply yet, not likely I guess
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Ron McNeil

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