REQ: Layer convertor/merger

I have a source drawing with too many layers. I want several layers to be merged
in a single one with different
colour and linetype settings. I want to make two text files by using the
program each containing all the
layer data like in list of layers. The program then shows a source and a
target scroll window viewing those
files. Then I would have to link one or several source layers to the target
layer. These links I would like
to save as well. So next time I open a source drawing I can convert it to my
target drawing. Perhaps the
link creation program should seperate the conversion part as the latter
should be used more than the first.
btw I work under Autocad2000 in milimetres.
TIA, Frank
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Ugly Prince
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How much work have you done yourself to address this "problem" of yours?
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Michael Bulatovich

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