New to group, thot I would say hi! :)

Hello everyone :)

I'm glad to see there is still a great deal of interest in plastic models. I used to build a lot of models when I was younger, mostly armour, mostly from MRC-Tamiya I would also like to ask a couple(or more) questions...

My brother recalls hearing of a company that specializes in discontinued model kits a while back. Does anyone know of such a company? I'm looking for a couple "oldies" and figured this would be the best place to start looking! :) The kits I am looking for are:

"Eagle" spaceship from the Space 1999 TV series;

and a 1974\5\6 Chevrolet 3\4 or 1 ton pickup.

The Chev truck is to be turned into a replica of the old Canadian Forces "5 Quad Command Post" vehicle, as I used to work in one of them (retired Artillery...)

Anyway, if anyone has any insight in this, could you please reply here? My e-mail is currently down (I'm in the process of fixing my main computer).

Much obliged,

James aka "SimStim"

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Hi yourself.

That would probably be Glencoe; their models are around at hobby stores, and available on the Web. Do a search through Yahoo, Lycos or whatever your favorite search engine is.

For the Eagle, I'd say go to eBay and search under "Airfix Eagle 1999" and you should get a number of hits. Don't pay more than $25.00. I think that it might aslo be available under another manufacturer's logo, but due to a "senior moment", can't remember which. Anyone?

Can't help on the Chevy Truck. Revell did one, I think, but I don't know its status.

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snipped-for-privacy@aol.comspamless (The Old Timer) wrote in news:

AMT reissued this a few years back. May be easier to find. The Airfix does command a high price...

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Peter Baxter

I've seen it in MPC boxes also which might be where AMT got hold of it.

Hi Jim and welcome to our group!

Bill Banaszak, MFE

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