"New" HAWK Models

I was at the hobby shop today and four kits with the "HAWK Models" logo caught my eye. Yes, this is the same HAWK Models from the '60s. The four kits were similiar to the "Weird-Ohs" type kits and featured teenagers from the '60s in humorous settings in some way connected with the pop music of the day. One of the kits features two musician figures that looked strikingly "Beatle-esque". I don't recall ever seeing these kits before so I'm thinking they date from the early '60s. Although the HAWK logo was on the box, the models were newly produced by another company I've never heard of before (and I can't remember the company name). Anyway, it was kind of neat to see HAWK Models back on the shelves again.


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The Collector
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Someone must have gotten the rights to the name.

Bill Banaszak, MFE Sr.

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