Filler for Ducati "ALS 450" Alloy?

Hi all,

I have to weld a broken footpeg mounting tab on a Ducati 996 motorcycle. The frame is made of steel alloy that Ducati calls "ALS 450." What filler rod, I wonder, should I be using?

I haven't found any references to ALS 450 outside of Ducati brochures, so I assume it's a marketing term like "Retsyn."

I would guess the frame is 4130, but that's just a guess. Does anyone know for sure?



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go to

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and buy some ER80S-B2.

Great stuff for welding 4130.

I have fixed a few Ducati frames as well. I used Hastelloy W filler at the time. The stuff never broke.

Hastelloy W is great when you have to fix other peoples' bad welds. It just flows in a floats all the crap out.

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