What Filler To Weld Grade HP alloy Castings

Does anyone know the best filler metal to weld grade HP Heat Resistant
Alloy Castings per ASTM A297. The HP grade is 26% Chrome and 35%
Nickel iron based casting.
I would prefer to use a covered SMAW stick electrode.
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It would help your search to know the UNS number for this material. If you look at the SFSA handbook
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you will find it is N08705. Now try a Google search on that designation plus the word welding.
You also should look up the equivalent European specifications. Don't be parochial and assume that an ASTM designation is the only descriptor for the material.
You will find more information about the HP alloys in Nickel Institute publication 11022 which also is out on the web at:
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on the Nickel Institute web site
Pittsburgh Pete
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