Toolbars refuse to stay in place

This is the first time I have expeienced this problem. The toolbars refuse
to stay in place.Every time I start the program, the toolbars end up where
they like. Does anyone have a suggestion on how to dock 'em and make them
stay put?
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George B
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We use a small freeware program "Lock Toolbar" for Acad14. Maybe it'll= do the trick. Do a Google search for "" --=20
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J. Nielsen
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they have a nice shareware program called QuikPik, it will anchor your toolbars and command line among other things...
J. Nielsen wrote:
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I use Quik Pik and it does lock the toolbars (among some other good things) so one doesn't accidentally drag the toolbar onto the drawing window.
My problem has been that the arrangement of the toolbars returns to a default location every time ADT2005 is opened. After fooling around for a while (too long, in fact) I discovered the culprit to be the Osnap toolbar. Without the Osnap open and docked, all other toolbars behaved and remained where I want them. I created a custom Osnap toolbar and guess what - all remained in place. So, it looks like the bug has been found.
I also feel a bit hypocritical because on another post regarding a 2005 question I responded that I had not yet un-covered any new bugs. Speak to soon and you may get egg on your face!
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George B

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