I Wish, I Wish upon a Star, for SW Windows to Stay Where They Are!

Does anyone have any idea how to do the following?

  1. Get SW toolbox windows to stay put in a multi-monitor setup? I am constantly re-arranging my windows on both monitors every time I start up SW. Of all the zillions of programs I have, this is the only one that does this.

  1. When rotating a component, to have it rotate by vertex, etc. by default. Why must I make so many mouse clicks?


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#1. I don't know.

#2. The easiest rotation method that I know of is, in your example, use your scroll wheel or middle mouse button to click on the required vertex, release it, and then click anywhere and hold as you move the mouse around. This will rotate your model about the selected entity as long as you hold the wheel/button. You can select a vertex for any direction rotation, a line to rotate through that axis, etc. Try it, you'll like it!


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Wayne Tiffany

Look like we have the same wish.

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John Layne

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