Toolbars moving in AutoCAD2004

This was a post from 1999, related to A2K....
"Every time I open ACAD some of my Toolbars have re-arranged
themselves. I had a handy program for R14 that would LOCK the Toolbars,
but it doesn't work in A2K.
Does anyone know how to remedy my "roaming" Toolbars or if there is a
program for A2K that will lock the Toolbars? "
I am having this problem now with AutoCAD 2004. The recommendation for
the original post was to try QuikPik....I downloaded the most recent
version (work with versions up to 2007) and my toolbars are resetting
themselves everytime I reload AutoCAD.
Any ideas on this?
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I am using 2000 at home. Set your screen with the tool bars the way you want and also screen color. Go to TOOLS then OPTIONS then PROFILE. Give your profile a name. You can save several if you like. I prefer one set-up. The saved current profile will come up every time you open acad. I know this has worked in 14 and 2000. I don't know about later versions. I am using 2006 at work and have not messed with it. Hope this helps. Shirley
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S. Smith

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