Command Aliases

I can no longer use my command aliases, know I have to write the
complete command, for example "L" was enough for the line command, now
I have to spell "Line".
So what happened and how can I fix it?
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I also cant hatch and seems that all the patterns are gone, please help
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the ACAD disk has a recovery option I believe, I suggest you use that option.
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Maybe your installation is looking in the wrong place for these files...
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Michael Bulatovich
; AutoCAD Program Parameters File For AutoCAD 2000 ; External Command and Command Alias Definitions
; Copyright (C) 1997-1999 by Autodesk, Inc.
; Each time you open a new or existing drawing, AutoCAD searches ; the support path and reads the first acad.pgp file that it finds.
; -- External Commands -- ; While AutoCAD is running, you can invoke other programs or utilities ; such Windows system commands, utilities, and applications. ; You define external commands by specifying a command name to be used ; from the AutoCAD command prompt and an executable command string ; that is passed to the operating system.
; -- Command Aliases -- ; You can abbreviate frequently used AutoCAD commands by defining ; aliases for them in the command alias section of acad.pgp. ; You can create a command alias for any AutoCAD command, ; device driver command, or external command.
; Recommendation: back up this file before editing it.
(acad.pgp in my SUPPORT directory) of course, I am still in the dark ages on 2000......
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