BricsCad program

Have any of you folks heard of a BricsCad program? One of the engineers
I work for is considering this as an alternative to AutoCAD. He
downloaded the 30 day trial version and is checking it out.
He asked me to post this inquiry to you all. Any thoughts? (Fit to
print, that is)
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Janice G
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Depending on what you do, it'll probably do everything you would ask of the higher-priced industry standard program. Add ons are available to. Use the saved money to buy some nice chairs for your operators ; )
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Michael Bulatovich
Any IntelliCAD will do everything that AutoCAD does, in 2D.
And, if you'r a keyboard man, like myself, than all you have to do is turn off all those annoying, monitor cluttering toolbars, and draw away. Since all the commands are the same.
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We're evaluating bricscad also. And so far it seems like it will do 90% of what the other higher priced one does. Gradient hatching is missing but the website says that's on its way....I guess the money saved on that could be be used to buy Photoshop which does gradients and more ...
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Thank you for your thoughts on this program. I have passed them along to said engineers. Janice
Janice G wrote:
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Janice G

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