Truncated toolbars in XP Pro

I upgraded my OS to XP Pro and am using SWX 2005 SP 2.0.
My toolbars seem to have the ends cut off. It's like a window that's
too small except that I can't seem to lengthen the toolbars. They
appear this way whether they're docked or floating. Obviously this is a
problem because I can't select some of the buttons on the longer
toolbars. Short toolbars seem ok.
Has anyone else seen this or have suggestions as to what might be
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maybe upgrade graphics driver too?
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What did you upgrade from, and did you do an upgrade or a new install. If you did an upgrade, you will need to reload SW since it will now be using different MS common controls, and that may be the issue with your toolbars.
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I don't know what the heck is going on. The toolbars are fine this morning but weren't yesterday. Maybe I"m just working too much and I'm starting to see things.
This was a new install on a new machine. Video card is Nvidia quadro FXGo1400 with latest driver. Thanks anyways.
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I have also seen this happen on occasion. I just save, shut down SW and restart it.
Matt B.
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