ProE 2001 and WF Compatible with XP Media Center Edition 2005?

This is for a new workstation that will be on a small home office network. There will only one workstation, laptop and peripherals on the network. From what I've read XP Pro and XP MCE 2005 are supposed to be the same with the exception of Domain Names and of course the MCE add-ons. Should I go with the XP MCE or just use XP Proe?


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Do you want to play DVDs through your computer on your TV? Do you want to record your fav TV shows on your computer? Do you want your computer to be the heart of an entertainment center, in the appliance category? Or do you need a tool to get business done? Entertainment center=MCE; Business/MCAD=Pro

I'm not sure that Pro/ENGINEER performance would be harmed by MCE, but it wouldn't be benefitted either. So, unless you had a compelling reason to prefer/need the extra functionality of MCE, you'd be better off running Pro/e on XP Pro: it's recommended and I've never heard MCE and Pro/e mentioned in the same sentence, before I wrote this, anyway. Ought to tell you something. Also, the different uses require different hardware: while you could get away with running your MCE-driven home entertainment enterprise on a $600 "screamer" from Tiger Direct, no one who was serious about the MCAD business would try it on anything but a workstation, a specialized, 3-D CAD machine. These come with a variety of business, professional OSs, like XP Pro, Linux, Sun Solaris, HP UX, etc. None claim to turn your computer into an "entertainment appliance". As I said, I can't say for sure that Pro/e performance would be harmed by MCE, but I also can't verify that it has adequate OpenGL support which is very much needed by Pro/e to work properly. If anything, it's probably very much DirectX oriented which is not compatible with Pro/e.

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