Purge ProE directories in XP

I have recently upgraded my machine from NT to XP with all the usual
hassle. I have a handy purge facility that the group might like to
share. This only worked after I figured out the last line.
It doesn't work on sub-directories, I would be interested if anyone
could suggest how to edit this to do so.
Clean up and purge any Pro Engineer directory, RMB 'PurgeProe'
This will purge prt and asm files as well as remove other information
files as shown in the batch file.
Write the batch file and save in c:\
Do this in notepad then change name to proe_purge.bat when finished.
CD "%1 %2 %3 %4 %5 %6 %7 %8 %9"
echo y | del *.crc.*
echo y | del *.log.*
echo y | del *.m_p.*
echo y | del *.ger.*
echo y | del *.inf.*
echo y | del *.lst.*
echo y | del *.log.*
echo y | del *.plt
echo y | del *
echo y | del *.tst
the last line is a PTC provided file for the application, make sure that
the path is correct on your machine.
To add this action to the RMB
Open any directory Tools/ Folder options?/File Types/ File folder/
Advanced/ New?
In Action type PurgeProe
In Application used to perform action Browse to c:\proe_purge.bat OK
WindowsXP has a known issue with adding actions to file folders in that
it changes the default action from Open to Search.
To correct this Start/ Run../regsvr32 /i shell32
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Didn't get much from the purge stuff (already had this setup), but thanks for the tip on getting XP to change the default action back to OPEN.
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Clay Sakewitz
I believe I have downloaded the batch file to purge with subdirectories from Olaf Corten's site. Unfortunately, I can no longer find it there. It came with the .INF files that added 'Pro/E Purge' and 'Pro/E Purge Subs' lines to the right mouse button menu in Windows Explorer. It worked fine on NT, W2000, and now works just as well on XP. If you are interested, I can email the stuff.
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Alex Sh.
Thanks, send it to info at rg3.com
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