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While we engineers are trying to learn the design end of WF2 (no previous Pro/e experience), our programmers are interested in learning how to create CNC programs. There seems to be no tutorials in this manner for Pro/e. When we begin a new file and select the Manufacturing radio button, we get an additional manufacturing menu along with different icon buttons in the workspace.

Not being a programmer myself, I don't know where to go from that point. Some of the programmers have 'played' with it, but have not made any real progress with it. Where should we go from here? Do quality manuals exist or any online tools available (free or fee-based)?

TIA, Da Crew

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A very basic tutorial can be found at

formatting link
The four chapters are very basic.. but your programmers should be able to get started with it...


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Pro/NC is not for the faint of heart, though I highly recommend integrating it into your installation. There is no substitute for working with the native model instead of an export (STEP, IGES, whatever).

I suggest you find a Pro/NC Milling class and sending your programmers to it. It's a 5-day exercise and don't expect to find one nearby; I went to the left coast for mine. Expect at least 6 months before you see productivity and 18 months for proficiency. Until then, join the manuf exploder group at and ask many questions.

Regards Peter Brown NC Programming Manager Jarvis Corp

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