Selection problems with Wildfire 2.0

The PC: Pro|ENGINEER Wildfire 2.0 / Build Code M070 Dell Precision 530 MT Windows2000 Professional (5.00.2195) SP 4 Dual 1.8ghz Intel P4s

1gb of RAM Nvidia Quadro4 700 XGL graphics card (64mb) PTC Pro|ENGINEER Wildfire 'Never Compromise' mouse pad ;-)

The problem: Several of our users are complaining about selection problems in Wildfire

2.0 where the software disallows any type of entity to be selected graphically. It doesn't matter what the NOT-so-Smart Filter is set to, the application freezes up and NOTHING can be selected graphically. Sometimes the users will do a Control-Alt-Del and then select the Task Manager option, then just immediately quit out of Task Manager and Pro will unfreeze and allow any type of entity to be selected graphically. This can be extremely frustrating and it is obviously slowing down our users' productivity with WF 2.0. The good news is that next week we will be getting our new PCs with 2gb of RAM and 128mb graphics cards. Hopefully this problem will be eliminated with our new hardware upgrades--and not exacerbated.

Has anyone else out there experienced any selection problems such as the one described above?

Ron M.

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Ron M.
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Yup. Sounds familiar and getting some extra gigs of memory was the ticket. I'd also consider the fact that the graphics card, to be the smoothest experience possible, ought to be on the list of Certified and/or Supported graphics card/hardware configuration. Yours seems not to be listed as either Supported or Certified for any system. Nor has it been decertified which would it was at one time. Best investment you can make, besides the 'extra' memory is in one of the better cards.

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David Janes

Ron, build M140 is out and it's currently said to be the best build o Lack-of-Fire 2.0. I haven't experienced this problem, but hopefull it will resolve your problem. On your current machines, are you guy using a paging file? I'm running 2 gig of ram and Blo-e still bites so your new machines will help a little bit, but they still need t have pagin files for any type of really large assemblies (1000 parts)

Hope this helps, Glenn |B

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Occasional freezing with a Task Manager un-freeze was a known issue in earlier builds of WF2. Hardware isn't the answer on that one, as it occurred as well on our best dual-P4 3GB machines. I can't recall in exactly which datecode it was corrected, but M130 has been working well for us in that regard.

I have encountered two MAJOR issues with M140 and newer and would discourage anyone from going above M130 until they are corrected:

- Preselection going haywire in Drawing mode. I have a "high" SPR for this one and hear from more users about it every day.

- +10X more time required to do a File>Backup when running with Intralink. Assemblies that take 10 seconds in M130 take more than two minutes in M140 and above.

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