Help: Seeing Problems With Build M120 Of WildFire 2.0

Hi Gang

First off is there a more reliable build than M120 for Wildfire 2?

We just installed this build on recommendations from other users at the PTC conference (in June) However we're seeing the following problems.

  1. Multi-sheet drawings do not show as separate sheets they are shown as 1 sheet with both drawings superimposed on that sheet.

  1. We are using Intralink 3.3 and we can't view any thumbnails of older models (made in Wildfire 1).

Please help. Andy

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Hi Andy: You can also look forward to: Layers not working properly An order of magnitude more crashes A reduction in throughput of about 20%

I recommend, if you aren't too deep into it, you throw it out. We are trialling it here, and are recommending rejection.

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John Wade

Thanks for the comments John.

Apparently there is no fix to our problem other than re-checking the drawing back into ProIntralink using W/F 2. This gives you a proper multipage thumbnail.


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