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Hello. Does anyone know if Wildfire 2.0 runs under Linux with a kernel 2.6.x?


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Not according to this PTC document.

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Ben Loosli

Just a general point on what Pro/e "runs on": the answer is just about anything. I ran it, maybe 8 years ago, on some Tiger Direct POS with 16 megs of integrated video ram. It was slow, video was sluggish, couldn't have more than 4 windows open at a time, no big assemblies, crashed a lot (mostly video problems), but it ran. The list that Ben posted a link to is highly recommended if you're buying a computer setup to try to make money with Pro/e. So, you want the most trouble free setup and the best supported Pro/e installation. That would be one of the systems from the list and you'd pay the extra for maintenance to get the support. While Pro/e might run on a SUSE or Debian distribution of Linux, PTC is saying that the Red Hat one listed is the only one they trust enough to support to run Wildfire

2 with little trouble. Others who've run the unsupported distributions would have more to say on this issue of reliability.
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David Janes

David Jones is correct PTC do not guarantee WF2 will run anything but a certain version of Redhat. However, our experience is that it works on a wide range of Linuxs, in particular Debian and Suse. We now have many hundred systems running WF2 on a Debian/Knoppix based distribution. In general it is very stable and seems to be faster than windows.


Peter Long

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P.J.G. Long

BTW -- I seem to recall PTC communicating that Wildfire ran like 20%+ FASTER on Linux than WindowsXP Professional.

God knows that is a pretty dramatic increase, shame we have not seen it more adpoted. I wish they would push out an OSX version... That seemed to be the next logical distribution at the time RedHat Support was announced.



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Problem is the number of users. Lots of people asked about the Linux version, but very few seem to have adopted it. How many run on Unix vs Windows vs Linux? I would guess something around 15% - 80% - 5% (depending on the market, country etc.) How large is the OSX CAD market? Seems to be mainly architects.


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Steve Borland

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