Wildfire 2.0 FlexLM


Have you guys had any problems installing FlexLM server (8.4) for Wildfire

2.0 on HP-UX? It's driving me mad and tech support hasn't been helpful.

What's happening is that the setup keeps getting the WRONG CPU_ID during setup. I'm running the server on a HP B2000 machine HP-UX 11.0, recently patched up. When running the CD-ROM setup, the first page shows the hostid as something else (FlexLM CPU_ID). Using lanscan, hostid script downloaded (both 32 and 64 bit versions), I getting the PTC CPU_ID, equivalent to the ethernet address. CD-ROM datecode F000. Just today, I downloaded M120 CDROM but encountered the same problem. Incidentally, I getting the same issue on another simliar HP machine (not patched). I ran the 2001 CD-ROM setup, and the hostid was returned correctly. I've been running the license server for the past 3 yers without problems.

I'd appreciate if anyone can offer some suggestions. Thanks!

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Andy Chia
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