ProE on ATI Mobility X600

I wonder if anyone has experiences from running ProE on a laptop
with ATI Mobility X600.
I've read that there is OpenGL support, but it's not 'workstation'
graphics if I understand correctly.
My own experiences in the 'old days' with the old Geforce2GTS is
that it worked fairly good until you opened more than 4 windows
simultaneous. Then it was slooooooow.
It's not PTC certified graphics as far as I know.
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I've only had bad luck with ATI Mobility cards, though I cannot comment on your specific one.
There are some hacks to turn it into a FireGL but I've never attempted it.
B.B wrote:
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I just purchased a Dell D810 with the X600 card and at first it ran terrible. I then found a new driver on Dell's website and installed it. It run great! Just as well as my workstation.
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Thank you for you replies
The machine I'm looking at is a LG LW70. I wonder if DELL have made some tweaking to make the driver better.
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I can't say anything about the LG LW70 but my 810 with the X600 works great. 2 of us have the ATI and 2 have the Nvidia in the Dell M70's There is very little if any difference. Just be sure you have the latest driver for the video, chipset and I also flashed the latest bios.
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I was kind of hoping for that answer :-)
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