Ati Mobility Radeon X600 on Laptop and Pro/Wild 20

I am going to get a new laptop Hp Pavilion 17" wide screen with a
graphic Ati Mobility Radeon X600.
Could someone let me know if there is a compatibility with Pro
Wildfire 2.0 (and/or Wildfire 3.0).
Thanks in advance
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I have a Dell D810 with the X600 and WF 2.0 runs great. Just make sure that you have the latest driver installed.
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I have a Toshiba Satellite 2805 S403 with 384M of memory and an Nvidia Geforce2 Go adapter with 16M of memory. It runs WF2 adequately (no more than 4 windows open), no large assemblies, modest simulations, similar limitations.
So, it somewhat depends on what you need and what you expect. Are you willing to live with the limitations? an occassional crash or two due to the graphics card? The inability to expand either system or graphics memory past a fairly low and restrictive level of support (and far less than Pro/e can use[ BTW, Pro/e has been 64 bit on SG machines for a decade])?
I gues, what I'm saying is, do you want your hardware or your software to be your limitation!?! With your considered purchase, it is MOST DEFINITELY the hardware. Cavaet emptor! You get what you pay for. Another BTW: here's what PTC has to say on your intended hardware:
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BTW: you can always find testimonials that tell you to do whatever you feel like doing. It's why I never give them. And the fact that, if I want to see my name in print, I have other (MUCH more obvious!!!) ways of doing so.
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