Autolisp Programing Question

Hello Group,
I am interested in possibly taking an Autolisp programming course, but
wanted to get some information about Autolisp functionality:
I use Autocad 2002 with Arch Desktop 3.3 Acad is linked to a database
program for space planning/management called FM Space. FM space has a
menu that shows up in our Autocad toolbar, and lets users see vacant
space, what dept each area is charged to, etc. I am required open
some of our Autocad drawings in the directory (about half of the
files), then click on the FM space menu, then type in a query in the
dialog box. I also activate an "Autocad Layer State", then print the
I want to partially or totally automate this task after I initially
start it. This would require running a lisp, that opens certain
drawings, restoring a certain layer state, running a series of
commands in one of the menus, printing the drawing, then exiting the
drawing without saving. It should then move to the next drawing and
repeat the procedure.
Would this be possible with Autolisp programing?
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Where opening and closing a series of drawings is involved, you'd be better off using a script, IMO. A LISP routine isn't "persistent" from drawing to drawing, and must be reloaded (can be done automatically) for each drawing you open.
In any case, since what you describe can be handled by a series of keyboard commands, it should be a fairly straightforward exercise to commit the commands to a script. ___
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Paul Turvill
That dialog box for FM Space worries me if you are considering automating it thru lisp. Autolisp cannot even be used on the standard dialog boxes AutoCAD uses. When automating command input in autolisp, you have to invoke the command-line version of the command just to avoid the dialog box.
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Larry Travis

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