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Hello All,

At the architectural office that I work I have developed a whole mess of little autolisp programs, scripts and menus that help out with autocad tasks ; printing, layer management, blocks, etc. Last week I made a program that logs the use of each of my menu items, and lisp programs. (see source below) It is crude but it works and with no noticable delay. I am finding the results to be very intertesting. They really tell a lot. Who is using the programs, when, how often. With 5 people drafting yesterday we hit 926 program logs. I had 400 of them though :), and one drafter had only 7.

Has anyone else kept a log of their users like this? Does anyone have requmendations about how to automatically catalog this information?

Thanks Zachary Kane

;Zachary Kane's log file creator 07-25-04 ; requires DosLib, and Reini Urban's STDLIB

(defun Z-log-Program (zzProgramName) (setq zzProgram zzProgramName) (setq zzUserName (dos_username)) (setq zzRandom (rtos (std-random 1.0) 2 4))

(setq zzLog_Dir (strcat "K:\\OFFICE STANDARDS LIBRARY\\User_Logs\\Programs\\" zzProgram )) (dos_mkdir zzLog_dir )

(setq file1 (open (strcat zzlog_dir "\\" zzUserName (today) zzRandom ".log") "w")) (write-line (strcat zzProgramName "--- Used Today") file1) (close file1) ); End Defun

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Please tell me more about your logger script. I manage a civil firm and have @ 18 to 22 people using Land Desktop 2002. If you could walk me through what it would take for me to use this logger to monitor my lisps I have developed, it would be great.

Thanks in advance

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