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Current software is AutoCAD 2007.
What I am attempting to do, is copy a layer from one drawing, over to
another completely separate drawing. I have already opened both drawings on
the screen, and through the "Design Center" I dragged the layer from the
original drawing, and dropped it into the receiving drawing. I actually had
to drag it into the drawing page. The new layer then appears in the second
drawing, however, there does not seem to be any data associated with it! The
symbols I had on that layer in the original drawing, do not appear on the
second drawing. So it recognized the layer, but nothing that was associated
with it.
Does anyone have some ideas as to how I can retrieve the data with the
Thank you,
Vince P.
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What you did is what you said, "copy a layer". You cannot copy the layer contents in that manner.
To copy the contents of a layer first make a block of the layer contents in the original drawing. Insert the block into the new drawing and explode it.
You can use lisp, a filter, or the layer dialog to isolate the layer contents for selection.
(ssget "X" '((8 . "[layername goes here]")))
This is the lisp method for selecting the layer contents. After entering this at the command line start the block creation and just say previous when prompted for a selection.
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Henry C. Francis

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