Adding Menus and Sub-Menus to the Toolbar


I would like to add menus to a specific Discipline Toolbar.

That is on the same Toolbar it can show either top tier Mechanical or Structural or Piping or Civil - depending on which one is picked...!

Once the Discipline is picked, each discipline would have its own various sub-menus.

For Instance the basic sub-menus (that will be expanded upon when all is running OK) would be as follows...

Once of the Major Disciplines has been this basic example Mechanical:

Discipline 1st Sub-Menu 2nd Sub-Menu Mechanical |_______ Geometry ______Lines, Shapes, etc. Blocks Equipment Notes....and so on.

What would be the way to construct this setup?

Any help or tips would be appreciated



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Flash Gordon
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Always important to state which version of AutoCAD. Most helpful...

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Joe 'bama

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