AutoLisp--need GRTEXT command help

Anybody know how to write something to the Status Bar or Menu Bar?
I have wrote a little AutoLisp routine that changes the scale of my drawing
and I want to be able to write the
scale to either the Status Bar or Menu Bar when I change the scale, in order
to visually see which scale the drawing is set to.
I have tried this command ( for example when the scale is changed to 1/4"
to 12" ) :
( grtext -1 "1/4 to 12" )
which works, the text is displayed in the Status Bar, but when I proceed to
use another command, such as Line, the
text disappears. Anyone know how to display a message to the AutoCad Menu
Bar or Status Bar ?
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Have you tried MODEMACRO ? You'll find its use detailed in HELP. ___
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Paul Turvill
Thanks Paul, I think that just may do it. Jarv
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