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Does anyone know where I can find a 'free' library of pipe fittings. Not just the schematic version, but real fittings with elbows, wyes, tees,flanges, mechanical joints,etc?


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Do a search for companies that sell fittings and pipe. Victaulic has blocks that are based on their piping products. I think that Viking had some as well. I do fire protection systems and there are a lot of vendors that provide these blocks.


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Allyn Vaughn

McMaster-Carr's online catalog has links to (excessively) detailed drawings of their pipe fittings. The specific drawings I have tried, of 1-1/2" pipe tees and bushings, do not carry gage lines to indicate how the fittings mate with each other, and the simplified thread representations do not bear an obvious relationship to the threads on the delivered product.

Which is a wordy way of saying that the drawings of the fittings themselves are okay, but to make an accurate assembly drawing, you will have to buy the actual fittings and measure how they fit.


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Mike Halloran

This may not be free but it is definitely worth looking into. Bill of materials, costing , construction scheduling and assembly animation are all part of the product.

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alexander medwedew

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