For those of you that are using SW Piping (now Routing), there is now a
'FREE' library of pipe fittings on the SW website (only available for
subscription users).
All parts are metric - a major portion are ANSI/ASME but are modelled and
detailed in metric - eg a 6" 150# flange will show as DN150 150#. There is
also a small amount of DIN (most comprehensive is for CuNiFe pipe and
fittings), plus there is a large section of BSP/NPT threaded fittings
(majority are 150# plumbing type fittings). Here in Australia we primarily
use ANSI/ASME pipe, tube and fittings but we are metric (even though many
people still ask for a 6" pipe or flange).
There is also a section for Australian standard pipe and fittings.
Within each of these standards there are also a number of 'generic'
alves - modelled from whatever catalogue I could lay my hands on(ball -
flanged, BSP, NPT & SW, gate, knife gate & butterfly).
There is also a number of BOMs (excel & SW) that will correctly display the
custom properties contained within the above fittings - Description,
Material, Mass, Size & Cut Length.
If any of you out there can contribute additional items to this library
(imperial, DIN, tubing, instrument, hydraulic, pneumatic, plastic, copper,
stainless steel, etc.) please contact SW or myself so we can build this
library. I have an ulterior motive - as I have a job coming up where I need
a library of copper & stainless steel tubing, plus instrument lines.
Merry :-)
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Merry Owen
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Merry, Cannot find what you are referring to... a link would be nice...
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Bert Muijtstege
Found it :-)
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