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I've found that a client installation of SW Office 2004 SP03.1 from an administrative image in the server still needs 234 Mb in the client PC. I'd like to reduce this size on the client as much as possible.

Most of the installed files in the client PC are under the directory "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Solidworks Data\Browser" which has more than

220 MB distributed in several directories:

ansi inch, ansi metric, bsi, cisc, din, iso, jis, pem inch, pem metric, skf, torrington inch, torrington metric, truarc, unistrut

Each of these directories contain more or less the same structure (bearings, bolts and screws, jig bushings, nuts, pins, power transmission, structural members, washers) with a lot of .sldprt files. It seems that there is a kind of part library.

My questions are:

1) Is there any option to avoid installing these files in the client machine and load them from the administrative image? 2) If not, do these files correspond to an optional component? Which one? 3) If not, what happens if I delete part of them?

Thanks in advance, Manuel

********************************************************* Manuel Gonzalez Castro Laboratory of Mechanical Engineering - University of A Coruña

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If you're cutting corners that close that a couple hundred meg cramps you, you're going to run into other problems which are more serious later on.

They belong to Toolbox, a library of parts.

You can just delete them if you don't want to use toolbox. You could also install Toolbox on the network for everyone to use, because each user essentially has the same files installed.

There's plenty of documentation on Toolbox. I just put a 10 pg Toolbox doc on my web site.

formatting link
on the Rules of Thumb page). It explains how to move the library from one place to another. If you want to delete the files, you'll just want to turn off Toolbox at Tools, Add-ins, SW Toolbox Browser.


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