Client Roaster?

Recently I happened to land on the web page for Advanced Materials
Associates at
formatting link
was amused to find that the menu marked Company contained a tab
labeled "Client Roaster".
That certainly is one way for a consultant to literally "fire a
Somehow I doubt this was what the CEO had in mind, since the "Visitor
Information Center" tab claims this was to be called "Client
list" or roster, but roaster will also accepted by a spell-checking
Pitsburgh Pete
We do not believe what we write, and neither should you. Information
furnished to you is for topical (external) use only. This information
may not be worth any more than either a groundhog turd, or what you
paid for it (nothing). The author may not even have been either sane or
sober when he wrote it down. Do not worry, be happy.
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