SB collet size

Hi All,
I use to know, and could look up what size the collets are used in a 9 inch
south bend lathe, but I am hoping someone knows off the top of their head.
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They are 3C collets. They span the size 0-1/2" in round. I think they go up to 3/8" in square. I have a real nice set I've collected but I'm warning you they're expensive.
Rhbuxt> Hi All,
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Grant Erwin
My neighbor has rebuilt 2 SB 9's recently and I've heard him mention that they use 3C collets.
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?ViewItem&category=25294&item=3839999330 Best Regards, Keith Marshall
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Keith Marshall
3 AT and 3C
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Many thanks to all that answered my question. 3C it is! Rick
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