cad client / server..

hi all!!!!!
are there any client server cad systems available in the market????
i want to know the basics of client/server technology as far as cad is
concerened?? how will it work???
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Probably most of them can be so used ....
About like any other software in a client-server environment where large databases are used. Though perhaps you had best define your terms as to clients for what and servers for what.
The networks I've worked on had the CAD/CAM software loaded locally to each client and the parts databases and licenses were served. Larger networks might have bottlenecks serving lots of part files to multiple clients so ... bandwidth issues & disk access issues .... anyone want to mention stripe sets, multiple disk controllers, clusters, networking, what else is on the network, optimal configurations, backups & restore issues, "Gold" masters of the clients disks, ....?
Then there are "diskless" clients ... not advised for this application IMHO.
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Cliff Huprich

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