SW 5.0 installation - failed to update registry?


Has anyone had the following problem: After installation of SW 5.0 (using Windows XP Pro), the message, "failed to update system registry, please use regedit" appears as I attempt to launch the program. The message is harmless, i think, because after selecting "OK" several times, SW launches as normal and becomes fully funcioning. I have researched the problem and found several people experiencing the same problem with Autocad, however, the suggested remedy of granting user access full permission within the regedit function, fails to solve my SW issue. Can anyone help with this annoying problem?

Thank you in advance

Chad Smutney snipped-for-privacy@cox.net

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Chad Smutney
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So you have already tried setting the 3 below registry key permissions to allow "Full Control" and "Read"? (make sure they are not set to "special permissions"




Hope that helps,

Steve Tietz

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Steve Tietz

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