Failed to save document

So I go to save the assembly I've been working on and I get an error
message that says "failed to save document". The same thing is
happening with the drawing that goes with that assembly. But if I open
a part from the assembly it saves just fine. I tried saving it to
another location but that didn't work. Anyone have any ideas?
I'm running SW2007 SP2.0
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Last night a guy ran into that here and he waited a minute or so and then they saved. His thought was that the machine was stuck on something and had to wait for that to finish.
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Wayne Tiffany
Just happened to see the same thing on a co-workers machine.
SW2007 SP2.0 as well.
Len wrote:
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You can get that message if any component within the assembly exists in a folder for which you do not have write permission. Might check your paths.
Brian Hokanson Starting Line Products
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