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First, I need to tell you that I have posted here before as EricSIG. Since our division is being sold the SIG is no longer appropriate. (SoWo 2004 SP2.1) Just reporting some cause and effect behaviour to see if anyone else has seen this. I know that there is a Windows link to take care of "Real" Delayed Write Failed problems. This is SolidWorks related (I think). We have had users get the "Delayed..." message when saving a drawing of a weldment or assembly, especially if the sub-parts are affected. After getting the message if you look on the server to see open files for the specific user and part there are

2 for the sub-part! One will be Read and the other will be Write+Read. Unless you get rid of both instances on the server the drawing will not save. I am guessing the behaviour may have something to do with the drawing referencing the sub-part (Read) and then needing to pass an update back (Write+Read). With both locks active nothing can happen.
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This might be unrelated, but then again maybe not.

I only have seen the "delayed write error" once, and it was completely hardware related. We had a machine with a big drive, a 200GB Western Digital 2000JB. Code name: "drivezilla". These drives require an IDE controller with 48BIT LBA, and many motherboards are not compatible, which leads many of these drives to be shipped with a controller card that is capable of working with larger drives.

Anyway, the problem was traced to an old version of the driver that shipped with XP -- the card worked right away with the Windows driver, so we never used the one supplied with the card. All was well until the drive neared around 100GB -- then we got the "delayed write error". Searching the internet it was frequently blamed on driver incompatibilities with large drives, and a driver update fixed the problem.

As for using network storage and SolidWorks -- those that have learned that lesson the hard way will tell you to make a small investment in PDM, and don't look back. Working locally on files is not only faster, but it's it's much more secure from a data loss perspective, not to mention the benefit of saved design history. PDMWorks is a very simple tool that works well for this in smaller groups and you can be up and running for around a few thousand bucks.

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This may have some clues for you.

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