SW2006 SP05: Failed to open file


I have a big problem when trying to open some of my files I get this error message:

Failed to open file S:\path\to\file.....SLDASM It is already open for read in a different session of Solidworks, or another application.

I have tried restoring my backup but the file still wont open. The funny thing is that the file opens just fine from the backup location, just wont open from the original location.

The problem started when I opened to drawing that use the same assembly on two different computers. The files are stored on a mapped network drive.

Can anyone help me?


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Jesper Davidsen
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I got same proplem. Do you resolve it now?


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Check to make sure that you still don't have the temporary files in the folder that you are opening the files from. Some times when Solidworks fails to close or crashes it leaves the temporary files behind (these are the ones with the ~ in the first part of the file). If you have explorer set to not show hidden files, these won't show up. You have to tell explorer to show the hidden files. Once SW is closed delete the temp files and it should allow you to open them again.

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Just wanted to pop in and exclaim my dismay for this terrible program. What should take me an hour takes an entire day because of the constant crashes and errors. I've only been using Solidworks for roughly 5 weeks (after a h iatus for my old job) and I've seen a new type of error at least 3 times a week. If my new company wasn't so heavily invested in this program I'd do e verything in my power to get them to drop it and purchase Solid Edge. To be blunt, Solidworks can lick my taint.


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Someone may have already mentioned this but maybe the file was left open (or locked to another user) by the other computer. There's a way to check it but I don't remember how at this time.

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David Lee

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