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(I am posting this for Kurt Childs. WT)

Please try the following procedure to determine if older versions of SolidWorks Explorer react the same as my 2004 when you use the "where used" function. It looks like SW2004 is only comparing the filename. I thought older versions were either comparing the internal id or pathname as well as the filename. Please try this and let me know what you find.

  1. Create a new *cube* part and save as Part1.sldprt
  2. Create a new assembly that contains this *cube* part and save as Assem1.sldasm
  3. Close all files
  4. Create a new *cylindrical* part and save as Part1.sldprt in a different directory (Note - at this time you have two parts, both with the same name, but in different directories.)
  5. Create another new assembly that contains this *cylindrical* part and save as Assem2.sldasm in the same directory as Assem1.sldasm
  6. Close all files
  7. Open SolidWorks Explorer and browse for the *cube* "Part1.sldprt"
  8. Click on "Where Used"
  9. Browse for the directory that contains both assemblies and click on "Find Now"

What results did you get? Just Assem1 or Assem1 and Assem2?

Thanks, Kurt

Seems that it should only find Assem1 as a valid reference as the two part files have different internal ID's and are most definitely NOT the same part. The problem is that when it finds both references, if you do something like rename the file, it incorrectly updates the other assy, that will now be looking at the wrong part file!


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