Naming irregularities in 2004 SW explorer?


It is late and I am not really too tired to see what I am doing wrong (if anything)...

Just used SW explorer to save a copy and was in the process of renaming each part before sending off for prototyping. It is an assembly with sub assemblies and parts within the main assembly. So lets say that I ass the suffix REV1 to each part during the save as (saving children as well. Then I go to each file and do a little name changing too - but leaving the REV1.

If I look in the directory, all looks fine. However, if I open the master assembly, the main assembly is named correctly, but all the sub assemblies have their old names! However, if I RMB on the FM part and look at the component properties, the component name is the old one, but it shoes the component description as the new name! WTF? Did I miss some obvious setting?

Again, in the directory or in the open or save dialogues it all looks correct with the new names. If is only the main assembly that is wrong!

Also, if I RMB the FM and open one of the parts or sub-assy, it opens with the correct name... Huh?

Cross-eyed and sleepy. Help or a whack to the side of the head would be appreciated! :-)


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I saw it once too - a reboot seemed to fix it.


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Wayne Tiffany

Wayne Tiffany wrote on 7.10.2003 14:24

Tried that several times... CTL+Q... Nothing. Weird. RMB on the sub-assy in the FM and the correct name shows in the pop up (component XYZ_rev1)... But not the FM. Very strange.

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