external selection in 2004 assembly

Has anyone experienced the inability to pick external references in a

2004 assembly when in edit mode on a part and in a sketch. Is there a new setting in options that makes this occur?
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Mark Biasotti
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I have had this happen in some large assy's, not in normal assy's so far. The weird part is that it corrects itself after some amount of time even tho the task manager shows no activity. Another strangeness is that you can reference an edge or other feature adjacent to the sleeper with no problem. I attribute this to assy's that overtax the machine/software.



Mark Biasotti wrote:

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dennis deacon

If the part you're trying to reference is contained in a sub-assembly I have seen this behavior before. To fix it, open up the sub-assembly by itself and make sure the component you're trying to reference to is shown in the sub-assembly. Now go back to the main assembly and you should be able to select the part in question.


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Roland Hart

I had this happening to me all day today. I had to hit my 'Shift' key in order to override whatever was causing it and select my entities.

The "Enable selection through transparecny" setting usually takes care of that problem, but not in 2004? Not sure if it's related or if the setting is malfunctioning.

I'll double check tomorrow.

Mike Wilson

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Mike J. Wilson

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