Break reference to assembly from part file?

Have a part with several features defined in an assembly. (I'll call this A1)

Somewhere along the way I added this part to a second assembly - decided I didn't want to do anything in this assembly, and deleted it.

Now, everytime I open the first assembly (A1) I get a dialog asking me to find this deleted assembly(A2).

If I view references from the part file, nothing from this missing assembly(A2) shows up. If I view refernces in SolidWorks Explorer, it IS there. How can I delete this reference? Can't seem to find a way to do this from SWExplorer.

Thanks - Sean

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You need to edit any feature definition or sketch which happens to have references to the deleted assembly.

In such a sketch, for example, you can display the references for all entities and then filter to see those which are "external". You can delete those and then add new relations and/or dimensions to define the sketch as desired.

If a sketch was defined on an external plane or face which is now gone, then a new reference plane will have to be subsituted...

For features which have lost references used in their definition, the length of an extrusion may, for example, have to be changed from "up to (an external) surface" to a blind dimension instead.

Hope this quick overview helps...

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Thanks - that's what I ended up doing. I was hoping for an easy solution using SW Explorer - Oh well

Thanks again - Sean

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