Component File Rename to Keep Reference Associativity in Assembly?

Is there a way to rename an component so that the assembly references are kept and the assembly feature manager updates the new name? I notice in the assembly feature manager you can change the name in component properties (with the option unchecked "update component names"), but this will not rename the stand alone component only the filename in the assembly.


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If it is just one part, or a few, open the assembly then open a part from the browser then in the part do a save as using the new name and all the referances will be re-tained to the new file name.

Steve R

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Steve Reinisch

This does work when I open the both files do as you mentioned and then save, close and reopen the assembly. But the assembly feature manager will not update with the new name, it must be done manually. I also notice the old name in the Full Name dialog box under component properties Would using the Solidworks Explorer Rename command be better to use for a larger number of renamed parts or a cleaner way?

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Check your setting at System Options/External References/Assemblies/Update component names when documents are replaced. I don't know for sure if this will fix what you are seeing, but worth a look.


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Wayne Tiffany

I find that using SW Explorer works great for doing this. It also helps to keep out the extra files when you do a saveas. The only drawback is you have to have all of the files closed.

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Yes the best option is to use the Sw explorer

that is easy and quick to work with

i had always recommended my customers to use that


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