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I have many models, drawings and assemblies that were all named using
Uppercase letters. Client prefers Uppercase for first letter only,
followed by all lowercase letters. SW Explorer won't allow a simple
case change when renaming. I must actually change the name using
lowercase, then go back and change it again to the proper name. After
doing this I notice that my drawing BOM's & part name in Feature
Manager DO NOT update to reflect the lowercase.
Win Explorer allows me to change to lowercase with a rename but, the
same failure to update BOM's & Feature Manager exist. I found that I
can delete a BOM & insert a new one in my drawings & the new one will
be correct but, the Feature Manager still does not update.
Aside from all the typing required, is there a "right" and "wrong" way
to do this?
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Try the following litmus test.
Tell your client you will charge them for the time it takes to make these changes.
Their response should be an indicator of how "serious" they are about this requirement.
Sounds like some anal retentive IT administrator at work.
Sorry I don't have any other suggestions.
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