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I've been finding that some of my parts when loading them up for the first time in SW2004 are trying to load parts that are "broken" links. Usually these broken link parts are ones i've used to help create the part, and have deleted. It always asks me if i want to find them myself, and after i say no, the parts load up fine. Still, even if i save the part in 2004, if i reload it, it still is looking for these parts again. How frustrating...

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This is not a problem caused by a change in the software for SolidWorks 2004.

It's been the case all along that (if you have one or more features in a part which require another part to exist to support the external reference(s) you established while working in the context of an assembly) the only way to stop the program from looking for the "missing" part is to edit the associated sketch and/or feature definition relationships for the purpose of ELIMINATING the dependencies.

As a shortcut to manually removing the in-context relationships which have gone "stale", you could choose to "LOCK" all of the external references. This would stop the searching activity; however, it also prevents the creation of new ones.

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You know, you can turn those messages off. Tools\Options \External References\Load referenced documents: None.

Deleting referenced files is never a recommended practice. If you've used the insert part or the mirror part or the split command, and you delete the referenced file, and you want to make a parametric change, you're hosed. What have you gained by deleting the part? Nothing. Some people call that Autocad Syndrome, where you draw reference geometry and then delete it.

If you're just talking about incontext features, those are easier to deal with, as Per points out, but insert, mirror and split are less forgiving.


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Thanks for the help guys, but i think i'm just screwed...

The one of the parts is imported, and the other is a mirrored version of it. The software is trying to pull up a old assembly that i apparently used to do the mirroring. The funny thing is that i did the mirroring a long time ago (SW2000) and there are no visible links between the parts and the old assembly. I've been using the parts now over and over again for years, and it has never asked me about where the old assembly is until now (SW2004). When i tell it that i don't want to find the assembly, nothing appears to be different with the parts either. I guess it's time to remake the parts in Solidworks (imported solids chew).

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I had alot of trouble with mirroring components with 2003 where it tried to reference ancient documents that no longer existed. Everything broke down at times such as severing the part from the original and other fixes that normally apply. These parts could not even be turned into an IGES. Sorry to hear this is still happening.


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