[HELP] API_SDK & Visual Studio .NET


have installed the "API_SDK" on my visual studio .net, but if I start a new "SolidWorks VB.NET Addin" it say me : "unable to create object with program ID VsWizard.VsWizardEngine.7.1" I must choice between ok or help, but nothing is created !!!

Could you help me ?

It's the Visual Studio .NET Enterprise Architect Version 2002

Many thanks in advance


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Nicolas Rubin
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Hi Nicolas, below is the mail I send to apisupport about this and their reply:

this has now been allocated:

SPR 190199 - "SW API SDK ATL Object Wizard does not work - (Sorry! An error occured while generating the object)"

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Philippe Guglielmetti

The API SDK is supporting VS.Net 2003, not 2002.

Best Regards,

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Robert V. Hanson

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